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For Anxiety and Stress Related Issues…

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Anne Wall in Sheffield

I’m Anne and welcome to Insight Hypnosis. I specialise in helping people struggling with anxiety and anxiety related issues such as stress, worry, depression, fears, phobias and more…

Are you overthinking and stressing so much about what might happen that you’re missing out on enjoying the present? Are you worrying about how you’ll feel in certain situations or places that you avoid them? Do you feel so worried about what other people think that it stops you from doing things? So many people wish they could just stop worrying and look forward to doing things without overthinking what might happen. They wish that they could go anywhere without worrying where the nearest exit is and wish they could do anything they want without worrying what other people might think. They would love to get their confidence back and start enjoying life more.

So why does it feel so difficult to break this cycle of irrational panic and worry? Why can’t we just tell ourselves to stop feeling anxious, scared and emotional? We all try to make changes on our own but it’s just not that easy and usually it’s because we don’t know how. We can start to feel out of control and feel like we’re struggling to cope, leading to both mental and physical exhaustion.

Well there is a solution and that’s where I come in. I can help you to quickly and easily learn how to relax and enjoy life and everyday things again. I will show you really simple techniques to help you to feel calm again, like a weight’s been lifted and help you to feel happy living in the present, without feeling apprehensive about the past or the future. I will give you simple tools that you can use in everyday life to help you feel so much more positive so that you can take everything in your stride and live a full and happy life again.

Making changes is easier than you think when you know how.

Are you ready to get started? Click on any of the images below to find out more about how I can help you…


Here’s how you can find out more about how I can help you using hypnotherapy and/or other helpful technique(s) that will help to get you feeling better:

Anxiety and Panic
  • Are you struggling to cope with your thoughts and feelings?
  • Do you feel out of control?
  • Have you stopped going to places and doing things you used to enjoy?
  • Would you like to learn how to feel a lot more relaxed and happier?
Stress and Worry
  • Are you overthinking and stressing so much that you’re missing out on enjoying the present?
  • Are you worrying so much about regrets of the past or fears of the future that you’re not sleeping well?
  • Is your mind whizzing round and round with no escape?
  • Would you like to feel more relaxed with a peace of mind?
Public Speaking
Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety
  • Is a fear of public speaking stopping you from progressing?
  • Are you feeling anxious and out of control about an upcoming event, exam or performance?
  • Do you worry what other people will think?
  • Would you like to feel calmer, more confident and in control?
PTSD and Phobias
PTSD and Phobias
  • Are you feeling tortured by internal dialogue?
  • Do you feel held down by fear?
  • Are you feeling so anxious that it’s stopping you doing things?
  • Would you like to feel relief, calm and more in control?
Confidence and Self-esteem
Confidence and Self-esteem
  • Are you struggling socially?
  • Do you worry what others think?
  • Are you feeling anxious and stressed about it?
  • Would you like to ‘be yourself’, feel relaxed and enjoy life?
Exams and Driving Test Nerves
  • Are you feeling like you’ve lost your sense of purpose or meaning?
  • Are you worrying so much, feeling overwhelmed and finding it hard to cope?
  • Have you stopped doing the things you used to enjoy?
  • Would you like to feel calm and relaxed with a sense of purpose again?

Success Stories through Hypnotherapy

“My situation before I went to Anne was one of being lost and feeling very low. Previously i had been very in control of my life and especially my career…”

Antonia’s Success Story

“Anne made me feel welcome and at ease right from the start of our first meeting. She has a professional approach and a caring nature.…”

Laura’s Success Story

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