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Hypnotherapy for Exams/Driving Test Nerves

Do you feel under pressure to do well? Feel anxious that you might fail?

For many people, the nerves that build up in the anticipation of an exam can be just as bad as the test or exam itself. Many of the feelings that people with a fear of the test or exam face are to do with a lack of confidence and a fear of loss of control.

Thoughts of what might happen, or what might go wrong, or what questions they might get asked, just compound to bring anxiety and stress.

This stress builds and builds, and as the time of the test draws ever closer, the anxiety builds to such an extent, that the student feels that all their newly-learned skills and knowledge will be sure to abandon them just as soon as the test or exam begins!

The stresses and strains that a test or exam can bring, can be especially frustrating to the normally competent person. This can be especially true of the driving test.

All of the following and more are very common issues and signs of test or exam nerves:

  • Feelings of anxiousness in the time leading up to the test
  • Butterflies in the tummy, feeling sick, and a dry mouth
  • Trembling hands trying to write the answers in a written test
  • A blank mind during the test
  • Fear of speaking in front of examiners in an oral exam

All these things can bring untold pressure on the student and if the person does fail the test or exam, this can add even more pressure and worry. This fear gets compounded by the importance of doing well in the test and there may also be a pressure from family and friends to do well.

How Hypnotherapy can help

Treatment using hypnotherapy for test and exam nerves, can give very rewarding and satisfying results. Hypnotherapy can help students who suffer significantly from excessive levels of stress and anxiety. By introducing deep relaxation techniques, self hypnosis, and therapies for ego boosting and self confidence enhancement it can really make the difference on the day.

For help to achieve better exam or test results:

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