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Fear of Public Speaking

Does even the thought of having to give a speech make you want to run for the hills? Do you feel paralysed with fear and worry that you’ll be judged?

Is performance anxiety holding you back in your career? Do you need to hold meetings or give a talk on a regular baisis? Give a one off speech for a wedding or birthday? The fear of speaking in public, social phobia and stage fright is thought to affect as many as three out of every four people making it one of the most common phobias.

Performance Anxiety is what happens when you focus on yourself and your anxiety, rather than your presentation or performance. It stems from a tendency to resist and fight your anxiety, rather than to accept and work with it. It’s the result of thinking of the performance situation as a threat, rather than a challenge.

How do you feel when you have to give a speech, hold a meeting, demonstration or performance? You probably find that you have sweaty hands and a dry mouth. Your knees may shake and your voice will lose its strength. Your heart may race and those well known butterflies will invade your stomach.

Public Speaking

When all this happens most people forget what they are meant to be saying, they become unfocused and start to panic. Yes it’s normal to be nervous and have some anxiety when speaking in public but it’s to what degree. The very fact that the spotlight is on you is enough to trigger every fear, anxiety and phobia you have ever had about public speaking or stage fright.

Most probably you’ll worry about what the audience is thinking and believe that you’ll be judged badly by your audience, that you may feel like a fool if you forget your lines or go bright red. You’ll be convinced that you’ll make mistakes and lose your way and as a result become completely humiliated.

The fear of public speaking can exhibit itself in many ways, such as making presentations at work, making a speech at weddings, stuttering or stammering when speaking and avoiding situations that might include public speaking situations. Ultimately, the fear of speaking in public or performing can, in some cases, lead on to a full blown panic attack.

Possible causes are:

  • A traumatic event in early life, which may or may not be directly linked to speaking in public, or having to perform.
  • The ‘under-socialisation’ of a child, whereby the child doesn’t build up confidence in his or her own ability. This can often be caused by an overprotective parent, for example.
  • A low self esteem, where the person feels that what they have to say isn’t important.
  • The expectation of failure, sometimes due to being overly criticised in early life.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Hypnotherapy can help you to gain confidence and to speak or perform comfortably and positively. By using a range of therapeutic techniques and relaxation strategies; self hypnosis and ego strengthening, a programme of hypnotherapy can transform you into a calm and confident performer.

If you have a fear of public speaking or performing in public, and especially if it’s causing problems in your life, don’t suffer in silence:

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