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Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance

Do you fear failure or humiliation? Doubt your ability to win?

Hypnosis was once the elite athlete’s secret formula for success, but it is now available to everyone. Many people concentrate most of their time on their fitness and technical skils and often neglect matters relating to their mental aptitude.

It’s amazing how good we can be at using our minds against us. Even before we start a sports activity we can introduce several reasons for anticipated failure, self doubt, bad weather, lack of preparation, anxiety, stress etc.

Therefore we can find ourselves performing well below standard because we have failed to use our minds in a positive way. As a result we create self beliefs where we expect failure rather than success.

Sports Performance

Sports enthusiasts face the same stumbling blocks that people have to deal with in other areas of life – business, personal relationships, achievement of goals and ambitions. The biggest of all is fear, and fear comes in many forms. Fear of failure is always restrictive and is very common in sports, as is its hidden partner, fear of success – an apprehension that success can create the expectation (among others) of further improvement. Fear of humiliation can be strong. Many golfers experience near terror on the first tee where people may be watching the first drives. Competition can produce sensations of intimidation resulting in deterioration of skills.

How hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy has an enormous role to play in enhancing positive self image, ego and confidence. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis can reduce or eliminate the mental obstacles and distractions to peak performance in sporting activities. Goal setting is essential and can be set by the athlete, the coach or the hypnotherapist or any combination. Post-hypnotic cues will stimulate both concentration and specific skills. You will also learn some visualisation techniques that will help you recreate the perfect stroke or shot both in your mind and at the moment of performance.

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