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Success Stories

“My situation before I went to Anne was one of being lost and feeling very low. Previously i had been very in control of my life and especially my career. Although I have had confidence issues in the past work was always a place where i feel most confident. I had previously loved my job and the people I worked with. Since being made redundant and changing jobs, I felt that I had no purpose and was in a very emotional state. I had lost confidence in myself, my ability to make decisions and this was affecting me in many ways. The only reservations I had before reaching out to Anne was would she really be able to help me. The prompt response to my text put my mind at rest. As I poured my heart out to Anne via text as to what I was looking for, it felt like a real turning point for me at last I could pin point what was wrong. Through my sessions with Anne I have got my confidence back and I was able to take control. During the time in which I had the sessions I made several lifestyle changes which Anne gave me the confidence to do. I made a huge change to my work life meaning I have got some time back to be me and I am now working towards doing some other activities to fill this spare time. The tears of despair are a thing of the past and my husband remarks he has got the “old me” back now. Anne helped me at a time when I really didn’t know where to turn or what to do for the best and for this I can’t thank her enough”

Thanks again for everything you have done for me.

Antonia's Success Story

“Anne made me feel welcome and at ease right from the start of our first meeting. She has a professional approach and a caring nature. She listened carefully to what I wanted to gain from the sessions and tailored each session to meet my current needs. I had not experienced hypnosis before, but Anne talked me through the process. I first contacted Anne with issues of anxiety and a sudden onset of food allergies and intolerances. Since beginning the hypnotherapy with Anne, I have noticed vast improvements. My stress levels have significantly reduced and I feel more confident and relaxed with the process of life. Having worked on issues of perfectionism, I am more aware yet less judgemental of my thought processes. I have also noticed physical changes, for example, I now very rarely get hives when previously I had been experiencing them several times a day. I have and will continue to thoroughly recommend Anne to anyone who is open to the idea of healing and self-improvement through hypnotherapy.”

Laura's Success Story

“Anne Thank you for your support, care and guidance over the last few months in my hypnotherapy sessions. I have come away from them with several benefits and feeling much more positive and relaxed.

Anxiety Client

I feel much more positive and relaxed

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